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How to Begin

Every job is approached with positivity and no judgement. Feeling good is part of the project!

This is a one-time, free, 20 minute call, and easy to fit into any short break in your day.​

  • During this brief phone call, we can talk a bit about your space, challenges, and you can ask any questions.

  • We can then pick a date for your free consultation or home visit.

This is a free, hour meeting, where I will come to your home to discuss your project.

  • Since each project is unique, we will see your space, discuss your goals, and future options.

  • If you would like to move forward, we will schedule your fist session date.

  • In-person sessions are generally around 3 hours and virtual sessions are 2 hours.

  • All sessions are confidential and stress-free.

  • During the first session, we will typically spend some time decluttering together. Then we can move on to organizing!  

Kind words from clients

"My closet and drawers had no order and were filled with clothes. Suzanne helped me to use the KonMari Method, and we went through each piece of clothing. She taught me how to fold things in a certain way that created more space. Now everything is so neat, and it's very easy to see everything. I love my new organized drawers and closets!"

"My closets are a weird shape. I had items on the floor, clothes in different directions. Suzanne helped me to organize everything so it's neat and visible with nothing on the floor. What a difference!"

"I collect beauty products - or I used to! These items were really a mess, and I couldn't figure out a way to organize those under-sink cabinets. Suzanne and I had fun discarding some things I had from a decade ago, grouping the items to keep, and making everything easily accessible."

"Suzanne is awesome to work with, and she is full of ideas. She makes the process easy and walks you through it step by step. Thank you Suzanne, for helping me declutter and have order in my home!"

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