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Real People, Real Projects

Each client's project design is personalized to their specific tastes and preferences.

Take a look and find out what you like best!

Closets and Clothes

Storage Spaces

Kitchen Pantry


Coats and Entryways

Kitchen Drawers

Cabinets and Cupboards

Playroom and Crafts


Storage Solution Design

Kind words from clients

“Seeing my closet transform from a disorganized, under utilized space, to a place that just standing in makes me happy, is a really good feeling."

“I love how Suzanne had us categorize things and then store them together. It makes so much sense, and it will save me so much time in the future."

“I loved that Suzanne gave me some homework I could do if I wanted to tackle some more on my own and then checked in with me between our appointments."

“Suzanne's ideas for organizing papers and recipes are terrific. I will never be drowning in paperwork again. I recommend her very highly."

Dawnlight Organizing prioritizes confidentiality. All images are used with client consent.

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