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Frequently Asked Questions

  • All clients and projects are kept completely confidential.

  • Each 3-hour session is perfectly timed to ensure results without overwhelm.

  • Projects are done collaboratively to bring joy and to support learning. 

  • No need to be embarrassed about your place. I only see solutions!

  • You do not need to prepare or buy anything before a session.

  • Don't clean up before your session! It's actually easier to know how to help and what you need if you don't.

  • The decision to keep or let go of items is entirely yours. 

  • I can recommend disposal or donating services.

  • Feeling good is part of the project!

Getting organized has been proven to boost energy, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase happiness.

Here are answers to "FAQ" to get you started.

Kind words from clients

“My house feels calm and peaceful. Everything has its own place and can be put away. When I buy more things, it's easy to know where the new items should go in the new organized space."

"Being a virtual client, I was not sure how the job could get done online. Suzanne knew exactly how to support and guide me through it."

“Working with a consultant was so valuable. Just her being there made it easier for me to decide what to do with my items that were really just taking up space."

"Suzanne started each session by checking in to see how things were working for me. She listened to what I thought and my ideas. She was very flexible, and I never felt judged."

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