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Dawnlight Organizing

Organizing for Women

As women, we are consistently going through new stages and phases and our homes reflect this growth.

Find your joy in organizing, with a place for everything in a peaceful, functional home that fits your lifestyle.

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Getting organized has been proven to boost energy, reduce stress, improve sleep, and increase happiness. Here's the answers to some "FAQ" to get you started.






  • All clients and projects are kept completely confidential.

  • Some projects can be done in one day, but most take a few.

  • Your level of involvement is entirely up to you. 

  • No need to be embarrassed about your place. I only see solutions!

  • You do not need to prepare or buy anything before a session.

  • Don't clean up before your session! It's actually easier to know how to help and what you need if you don't.

  • The decision to keep or let go of items is entirely yours. 

  • I can recommend disposal or donating services.

  • Feeling good is part of the project!

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“I would definitely recommend Suzanne to help anyone organize their home. She was wonderful to spend time with. I really felt like I was with one of my friends, plus she was also there to guide to me, through my physical space and making better use of it."

— Client R

Professional Certifications

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